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Alaskan Husky

Alaskan Husky Dog, Puppies, Facts, Information, Temperament and Adoption

The Alaskan husky is a breed widely known even to people that have never actually seen it physically.

The far reaching effects of the film world and Hollywood are largely accountable for this because of the fact that any film that is set in the regions of Alaska or even the Antarctic and the arctic will usually feature a number of sled pulling Alaskan huskies. However, on a technical note, the Alaskan husky is not so much of a breed of a dog rather than a category. The reason for the fact that it is not considered to be a breed is that there is no restriction to each independent dog’s ancestry as well as no preferred type.

The only defined trait that identifies an Alaskan husky is that it is a sled pulling dog.

One common source of confusion that a lot of people have is in identifying the distinction between the Alaskan husky puppies and adults from the Siberian husky counterparts. Given that they are both sled pulling dogs will usually cause even more confusion when it comes to differentiating between the two.

The primary distinction between these very elegant creatures is the purpose that they serve. Alaskan husky training is primarily at making sure that the animal has the prowess to be able to pull the sled efficiently and work within the confines of the sled team. However, their Siberian counterparts may also be bred to be active show dogs – something that you will never see happen with Alaskan huskies. Despite the fact that Alaskan husky puppies are usually bred with a lot of care, consideration and focus on the parents traits, manners and accomplishments, they are not considered to be pure bred and cannot be registered as such with any dog pedigree councils. However, given that the Siberian husky is a show dog, there is a stipulated standard that the animal must adhere to in order to be able to compete at the show events. Another one of the various interesting Alaskan husky facts is that, because of their power, speed and endurance, they are generally used in longer distance races – with their Siberian counterparts being more often used in shorter distances. Most Alaskan husky information available through various sources of information such as the internet as well as scientifically based books on the breed show that the Alaskan husky is able to run over 100 miles in a 24 hour period. Considering the fact that this terrain consists of heavy snow, mountainous and rocky regions – this is a very commendable feat.

Appearance wise, the Alaskan husky is much bigger than the Siberian huskies and the Alaskan husky temperament will see it be a rather playful animal right through its lifetime. Considered to be a puppy at heart, no matter its actual age, these animals are known to be rather clever, sociable and docile. It is primarily because of these traits that the animals are also widely considered to be very good pets and extremely loyal animals. Their high intelligence means that they are easy to train - although the actual training may require some significant amount of patience, understanding and consistency from the dog handler. One of the most common characteristics when it comes to Alaskan husky adoption is that the animal can be significantly hard to housebreak because of the fact that they love the outdoors. Moreover, their fondness of howling and a tendency to get bored easily means that they will need to be actively entertained to stop them making a nuisance of themselves at most times. Alaskan husky rescue can usually be done by visiting the local dog pound, although it will be surprising for you to find one in an area that is not laden with snow throughout the year.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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