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Beagleman - Comprehensive Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders and Nature of Beagleman Dog

The beagleman is another mixed breed of dogs that is the result of cross breeding between beagles and Doberman dogs.

As with all cross breeds, there are tremendous variations with the beagleman breed as well. The reason for these variations is the fact that cross bred dogs may be bred with each other as well as with pure bred dogs. This creates a situation where the resulting beagleman dog turns out to be either a half and half mix of beagle and Doberman or some more complicated fraction.

Beagleman Breed, Puppies, Breeders and Nature

The beagleman dog breed is known as a designer breed.

This means that it is a breed created by humans who introduce dogs of each breed to each other with the intention of getting them to breed. In some cases, these designer dogs may be bred based on the request of the person who wishes to purchase the dog as well. Beagleman breeders may be found in North America and Europe where the demand for such designer dogs tends to be higher.

In general it is found that the beagleman breed tends to retain the tail structure of the beagle and tends to be smaller than a full sized Doberman. Dobermans tend to have extremely shiny coats with short hair. The same applies to the beagleman breed as well. Both beagle and Doberman dogs tend to have a great sense of loyalty and affection towards their owners. It is therefore likely that the beagleman breed will retain these features. It must be said that Doberman dogs tend to be aggressive and extremely protective of their space. These dogs are therefore used for protection and often act as guard dogs. While the beagleman breed may not be as large, it will maintain some of the aggression that characterizes the Doberman breed. Thus, individuals must be sure that they are in control of their dogs at all times, especially when they are out and about in public places. Normally, both beagles and Dobermans respond well to their owners’ orders which should help should one wish to control the dog. It is therefore necessary to find out all the beagleman information before one could go and purchase from the beagleman puppies for sale.

The beagleman breed is small enough to justify keeping it an urban set up. That said, regular walks are always recommended as the dog will get fidgety and restless if it remains in one place at all times. Doberman dogs tend to be physically fit which is why one should also ensure that the beagleman breed gets plenty of running exercise when outside the house.


  Submitted on November 3, 2011  

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