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Irish water spaniel

Irish Water Spaniel Dog Breed:

Considered to be the tallest among the spaniels, Irish Water Spaniels are amiable and fun loving dogs that have a slightly clownish appearance.

Apart from this, these dogs are also highly intelligent and bold. They are quick learners and thus training them is easy. Irish Water Spaniels however, can be rather sensitive, opinionated and obstinate.

Thus it is recommended that people who have had substantial experience with dogs should go in for this breed. The personality of this dog could vary from one owner to the next, but having said that, by and large Irish Water Spaniels enjoy activity and play, are keen on pleasing their masters and possess a curious and inquisitive nature. Irish water spaniel puppies generally have very high energy levels, but this tends to wane off to more modest degrees as the dog grows.

These dogs are also very protective, thus they make excellent watch dogs. Some dogs however are known to be sharp or reserved, thus necessitating early socialization.

The Irish water spaniel dog gets its name due to its love of water. They are wary towards strangers but get along with kids, especially if they have been brought up with them. In the presence of other pets, particularly other dogs, this breed may tend to get a little aggressive. Thus, it is important that you socialize them right from the start. Irish Water Spaniels are highly spirited dogs that have a fun loving attitude and lots of stamina, making them great family pets. Irish Water Spaniels are large dogs, and though they are a bit sturdy, they also have a huggable and cuddly appearance, on account of their dense coat. Their coat consists of a mixture of loose and tight curls. In addition to their poodle like coat they also have a very characteristic curly top knot.

They have long ears which frame their face in a beautiful manner. Irish Water Spaniels have smooth faces that have a slightly distant and intelligent look. Irish Water Spaniel grooming requires a lot of dedication, care and attention. Their thick coat requires that you brush it 2-3 times a week. You may also need to trim down the hair around their bottom to maintain hygiene. Solid silver in color, the male grows to be about 24 inches in height while the female grows to about 23 inches in height.  On an average the female weighs something between 50-60 pounds while the weight of the male may range from 56-65 pounds.

  Submitted on November 25, 2009  

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