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Golden retriever

Golden Retriever Breed of Dog:

The Golden Retriever dog was originally bred as a gundog that provided assistance during a hunting trip.

The Golden Retriever dog has an interesting history that also contributes to their easy-going, intelligent and confident personality. Lord Tweedmouth, in the late nineteenth century bred the Golden Retriever by crossing a yellow dog and a certain variety of water spaniel, which is now extinct. Lord Tweedmouth desired a hunting companion and the Golden Retriever would help fetch hunted game and this was made effective by specifically breeding them to have a soft mouth that would not damage the game. They are a versatile breed of dogs that perform duties like drug detecting, guiding and lead search and rescue expeditions.

They are also friendly dogs and are therefore a popular household choice for pets. Based on their appearance,

Golden Retriever puppies and dogs belong to two different groups – American and English. The American Golden Retriever has long limbs and is lanky. The English breed of Golden Retrievers has a long, light-colored coat and they are short and big boned.

Golden Retriever puppies experience many changes as they grow older. Their chests expand and they develop muscles, at the same time they have an easy demeanor and are friendly. The Golden Retriever’s coat consists of two layers. The top layer is feathery and soft and it can be either wavy or it can be straight. The second layer serves the purpose of keeping out water and dampness and this dual coat allows the Golden Retriever to stay comfortable in all seasons. The dog sheds at a normal pace, though he/she will shed more during spring. While grooming the dog therefore, it is important to keep this in mind. There are some health problems that most Golden Retriever puppies and dogs suffer from, though these problems are mainly a result of improper breeding and grooming practices. Many of these conditions are also genetic and are therefore difficult to cure. They frequently suffer from cataracts, arthritis and other bone disorders. They sometimes inherit cancer, heart disease and other allergies. It is essential therefore, to set up a healthy lifestyle, diet and provide proper medical care for your Golden Retriever.

The Golden Retriever dog requires attentive grooming on account of its dual coat. The coat needs to be brushed periodically and even trimmed if necessary. Use a mild shampoo to wash and clean and to ward off allergies. An important aspect of Golden Retriever grooming is to keep the dog’s nails clipped short. This helps to retain the shape of your pet’s foot and also guards against potential damage to others on account of long nails. The Golden Retriever has flapping ears that fold and are thus susceptible to infection from dampness and water clogging. Make sure to keep your Retriever’s ears dry and take him/her to the vet immediately if you notice signs of an itchy or irritable ear.

  Submitted on November 25, 2009  

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