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French bulldog

French Bulldog Info:

As the adage goes, great things come in small packages.

The French bulldog would fit this bill to the T. That’s because this small companion dog is not frail like other small dogs and is quite muscular, willful, and powerful. However, in spite of being sturdy, Frenchies, as they are also called, are quite pleasant, affectionate, and playful to the extent of being clownish because of which they are also famous as clowns in a philosopher’s cloaks.

And, it’s for this that they are preferred as companion or lap dogs. Frenchie has a heavy bone structure, bat-like ears, and a soft coat. The history of the French bulldog breed dates back to the 19th Century when the lace makers from Nottingham bred these ‘toy’ bulldogs to carry them around as companion or lap dogs.

But, the lace makers relocated to France during the Industrial Revolution. And, it was in the late 1800s that the French bulldog got its name. Since then, it’s not just with the French but also with the Americans and the British that Frenchies have been popular as companion dogs.

French bulldog training can be a bit tricky. Frenchies are lively, active, curious, and affectionate, and at the same time they thrive on leadership. They are very loving and affectionate towards their masters and they will not be ignored once owned. They bond very strongly usually with only one person, their owner, though they do get along famously with strangers and other animals. The owners or trainers of French bulldog puppies cannot be passive or meek as the Frenchie would become uncontrollable if not dealt with sternly. The trainer needs to be calm yet authoritative and patient yet consistent to train a Frenchie. You cannot pamper or sweet talk them when they display bad behavior. But, once controlled and trained, they display great intelligence and are not fussy at all along with being a clean breed.

Frenchies are among the healthiest bulldogs. But, they are susceptible to congenital diseases and conditions like Von Willebrand’s Disease, (a bleeding disorder), thyroid problems, and Brachycephalyic Syndrome (gives them the flat faced feature). The flat nosed featured gives them a condition called elongated cleft palate, which renders them breathless even after moderate physical activity. French bulldog puppies that are diagnosed with cleft palate are usually laid to rest at birth as the condition is incurable. French bulldog health issues also include affliction of eye troubles like corneal ulcers, juvenile cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal fold dysplasia.

  Submitted on November 24, 2009  

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