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Akita Inu

Akita Inu Dog Breed, Information, Colors, Puppies, Price and Training Methods

The Akita Inu are strongly built dogs with unique features.

Of all the Japanese spitz type breeds, the Akita inu is the largest. Akita inu dogs have flat, large heads which are almost triangular in shape. Their muzzles are short and prominent. The eyes are also triangular shaped and usually brown in color. This is a tall breed with solid limbs and deep chests.

The tail which is set high tends to fluff and curl over the back. The coat has an outer layer that is weather resistant. Beneath that is a softer undercoat. Akita inus colors may vary. Show dogs however must be red, white, sesame or brindle.

It is common for Akita inu to have black marks on the face, but this is not allowed in the show ring. Given below is some additional akita inu information.

The akita inu dog breed is a docile one, although they can prove to be unpredictable in some situations. This generally happens when proper training is not done. These dogs can also be kind and loyal. They are hesitant around strangers and may show aggression towards other dogs. They serve as great guard dogs and are known to be friendly with children in the family. It is important that the dominate owners as well as the family treat the dog with respect and consideration. Some Akitas may act out aggressively when teased and biting can also follow. Socialization right from the time of birth is necessary. To prevent Akitas from becoming disobedient, firm training is a must. However, training methods should also be kind. Akitas that have received good socialization and training turn out to be gentle and tender animals.

The thick and long double coat of the Akita requires considerable attention. Baths should be given only when necessary as too much washing could remove the coat’s natural waterproofing. Trimming is not necessary. During certain seasons, these dogs tend to shed a great deal. Matting can be prevented by brushing with a firm bristle brush. The Akita’s eyes should be cleaned regularly. These dogs require a good amount of exercise. They can adapt to apartment living provided they are taken on long walks frequently. They tend to stay inactive while indoors and hence it is preferable to provide them with a big yard. It is important for owners to go to a reputable breeder to purchase akita inu puppies. There may be some variation in akita inu price amongst different breeders.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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