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Wirehaired pointing griffon

Wirehaired pointing griffon dog training and puppy grooming.

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a popular gun dog in Europe.

Though Dutch in its origin, it is regarded mostly as French. This is because the breed was developed in France. The Wirehaired pointing griffon dog has a rough coat which gives it excellent insulation and protection. It is therefore best suited for the marshy and swampy country side.

The coat of the dog is wiry because of which it gets its name.

It usually has a grey coat which may have tan and brown markings on it. White and orange, roan and white and brown are other acceptable colors in the breed. The dog has flat ears, a brown nose, and yellow or brown eyes.

The wirehaired pointing griffon is considered superior over other hunting dogs, pointers and setters. This is because these dogs are highly adaptable and can survive in many climates.

They are full of vitality and have a very high endurance. The dogs can adapt themselves to any game breed and are able to master any kind of terrain. They have a pronounced instinct for prey and when paired with their exquisite sense of smell, they make for a very powerful hunter.

They are highly intelligent dogs and are therefore easy to train. They are great retrievers and are also extremely affectionate and loyal. All of these attributes help make them not only an ideal gun dog but also an ideal companion.
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies are born natural swimmers. They also love to play in the water. They are eager to please, friendly and easily trainable. They are excitable when in field but are extremely relaxed when at home which makes them suited both for outdoor and indoor life.

Since the dog does not have fur but wiry hair instead, they are known to be non shedders. It is this quality of theirs that makes them useful for those who are allergic to dog hair and fur.
The breed was introduced in America in the year 1887. It was immediately inducted into the American Kennel Club after which one began to hear of the American wirehaired pointing griffon. Since it is primarily a hunting dog, the breed is excessively groomed.

Their coat is one of the characteristic distinguishing features of the breed. There are two main coats. The outer one is of medium length and wiry. This coat is never wooly or curly. The inner coat is abundant and consists of thick hair. It is the undercoat that provides insulation to the dog. The coat is also water resistant.

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