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Galgo Espanol

Galgo Espanol - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies and Apperance of Galgo Espanol Dogs

The Galgo Espanol is a sighthound that is popular in Spain and other parts of Europe.

This dog has a very lean and lanky appearance and may look very fragile from a distance. However, this dog is very strong and possesses great speed. At the outset, this dog appears very elegant and is characterized by its agile movements. The Galgo Espanol is in fact very agile and extremely energetic.

Apart from its physical characteristics and sheer power, the dog is also blessed with a very pleasant disposition that makes it a great pet as well.

The Galgo Espanol comes in two types, with a smooth coat that is close to the skin or with rough hair. The Galgo Espanol is a greatly appreciated hunting dog as well as a companion dog. This original sighthound of Spain is a beautiful animal and is a great sight to behold.

They have a long and slender body along with a narrow head that is placed on a long and muscular neck. The Galgo Espanol is used primarily for hare hunting, and the natural demands of this sport make the Galgo Espanol a slender and elegant creature. The shape and the appearance of the dog have not been formed by breeders, and there was never any beauty criteria attached to it. The appearance and beauty of the dog has come naturally to it.

Galgo Espanol Dogs and Puppies

In overall appearance, the Galgo Espanol dog appears a lot like greyhounds. However, the dog breed standards conformation is very difficult. These dogs have hind legs that are higher than the forelegs. The muscular structure of the dog is also flatter than that of a greyhound. This flatter muscular structure makes the dog a fast runner with a lot of endurance.

In the recent times, the Galgo Espanol has also been used in dog racing. The rough coated dogs are usually used for hunting purposes as the coat offers them protection from any injuries. These dogs also perform very well on the racing arena as the coat helps them streamline the air currents and also prevents them from getting injured. The smooth coat variety Galgo Espanol dogs are basically show dogs. They come in a variety of colors as well as coat patterns.

Galgo Espanol puppies need to be trained for hunting hares right from when they are young. These dogs hunt hares instinctually and therefore, are great hare hunters. As pets, these dogs are gentle and laid back. They are also happy-go-lucky dogs that enjoy just lying back in the house and doing nothing. They can be exercised a lot, but can also be left without much of it. More Galgo Espanol information can be found from kennel clubs.

  Submitted on February 10, 2012  

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