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Jagdterrier Dog Breed, Puppies, Information, Nature, Price and History

The Jagdterrier is a German working terrier.

It is essentially a hunting dog that can hunt above and below ground. The jagdterrier dog largely hunts all game including badgers, foxes, raccoon dogs, wild boars, rabbits and tracks blood trails of deer that are wounded during hunting.

Jagdterriers have a remarkable place in the hunting dog history in Germany. These dogs were bred with the pure intention of introducing into the world a pure bred hunting terrier.

Sources of jagdterrier information reveal quite an interesting bit of jagdterrier history. These hunting dogs were mass produced in Germany, with very little allowance for any kind of genetic blemish. Dogs with any kind of genetic defects were euthanized, to avoid any kind of flaw in the genetic makeup. By 1951, two female Jadgterriers came to US with their owner Max Theil Sr.

These dogs were not very popular in the US as America already had very well trained hunting dogs like pit bulls and dogs that were bird hunting dogs. Today with more information available on these dogs their popularity has greatly increased. It is primarily for their ability to perform in different forms of hunting and retrieval methods.

This dog breed is typically black and tan, with the tan sometimes being the color of fawn on the muzzle and undercarriage. The Jadgterrier can grow to 15.5 inches tall. Females can weigh up to almost 19 pounds while the male dog can weigh up to 22 pounds. The coat of a Jagdterrier can be smooth, broken or hairy. The tail can be cropped to 2/3rd its original length though this is not a requirement for the breed. It is a stockier dog as compared to the Fox terrier and has button ears.

The Jagdterriers make good pets but it is essential to remember that they are essentially a hunting breed that have a strong sense of tracking and finding prey. They can be distrustful of strangers, with an irritable terrier temperament. The Jagdterrier will not always be good around children and tend to be a one-master dog, as most hunting dogs are. It also has a propensity to dig. This dog can display very high energy levels and a hyperactive disposition. This dog is most certainly not a dog meant for an apartment. This dog needs a house and space to run (and dig!). This breed is largely a healthy breed due to its superior breeding program. Jagdterrier puppies are adorable as are most puppies and jagdterrier prices are quite moderate. You can buy them for an average of $200 for male puppies and $250 for female Jagdterriers.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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