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Blackmouth Cur

Blackmouth Cur Dog Breed, Puppies, Grooming and Life Span

The blackmouth cur dog breed is one of the oldest dog breeds that is known to belong to the hunting group and in fact is also considered to be a multipurpose dog breed.

The origins of this particular breed of dogs can be traced back to the United States of America. Blackmouth cur puppies are very popular house pets in many parts of the world because the black mouth cur dog breed is known to be very affectionate as well as loyal towards its human family members.

A typical black cur puppy can be easily identified with the dark pigmentation that is found on its lips.

The black mouth cur dog breed is also known to be either tan or black in terms of the color of its coat and has a moderately broad muzzle.

The eyes of the black mouth cur dog are usually large and can be green or brown or even yellow in color. The black mouth cur dog breed is known for its stamina and immense speed that allows it to chase other animals and thereby be a good hunting dog. Black mouth cur puppies are fast growing in popularity because this dog breed is known to be very protective about children and women of the family and is even known to be loyal to the extent of laying its life down for its master if needed. Those who intend to purchase a black mouth cur puppy and also have another dog or a pet in the house should be aware that being a hunting breed, this variety of dogs should not be kept around other pets or animals that are very small as it will have a natural  urge to chase them.

The average life span of the black mouth cur dog like most other breeds is around 12 to 16 years. On account of its active nature, black mouth cur dog owners should keep a watch out for medical problems such as pulled muscles and torn ligaments that are known to be common to this breed of dogs. With regards to the grooming requirements of the black mouth cur dog breed , as this dog has a relatively small hair coat there is not much of maintenance required, however one should keep in mind that this breed of dog tends to shed heavily at least once or twice during the year and hence during this shedding time it would require regular dog grooming to prevent tangles.

  Submitted on March 8, 2011  

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