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Kai Dog

Kai Dog Breeders, Alaskan Klee Kai Dog, Size, Nature and Facts

The Alaskan Klee Kai is a Spitz-type dog found in the northern parts of USA, especially Alaska.

The name of the dog itself is derived from a word in the local language, which roughly translates to small dog. The Kai dog, or Klee Kai as it is often known, is a small dog. The standard Kai dog is the largest of all varieties of Kai dogs and is largely a companion dog.
The Kai dog reminds of the Alaskan Husky in its overall appearance and even its personality.

Though the Alaskan Husky is largely bred as a racing and sled dog, the Kai dog is nothing like it. The Kai dog itself is an apartment dog, which is bred to provide companionship to its human family. As a family dog, the Alaskan Klee Kai dog is friendly, loyal and very loving.

There are three different kinds of Kai dogs.

Kai dog breeders are expected to breed dogs that adhere to the size and dog breed standards. The three main sizes in which the Kai dog is available are toy size, in which the dog is not more than 13 inches. The miniature Kai dogs range from 13 to 15 inches, and the standard Kai dogs are 15 inches to 17 inches.

Seventeen inches is considered the maximum height of a Kai dog. If a dog is taller than 17 inches, it is considered a serious flaw. In fact, dogs that are taller than 17.6 inches are eliminated completely from the breed. Apart from their size, the Kai dogs also come in various color varieties. These colors could be black and white,gray and white,red and white, and several shades of white.

The Japanese Kai dog is a variety of the Kai breed that is found mainly in Japan. These dogs are considered rare because of the small numbers. Though they are beloved as pets, not much has been done to increase their numbers. Also, though their size is small, they are highly intelligent and can be useful as watchdogs.

As family dogs, Kai dogs have received a lot of attention. Even though the dogs make great pets, they do not respond well to being mistreated. Young children, who kick, pinch or bully dogs, may get bitten by the dog. They are only moderately active and may not require a lot of exercises unlike some of the other small dogs. They are relatively healthy dogs, but may do well with agility training right from their younger days.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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