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Lapphunds - Comprehensive Information on Finnish and Swedish Lapphund Dogs

Lapphunds dogs, are quite close to the Spitz breed of dogs, that can come from different parts of the world.

There are two common types of Lapphunds that are quite popular in the present times. These include the Finnish Lapphunds and the Swedish Lapphunds.

Finnish Lapphunds

Like the name suggests the Finnish Lapphunds are natives of Finland.

They are medium sized dogs that are hardy and muscular. Based on the findings of certain archeological excavations and cave paintings, it is believed that these dogs have been in existence since 7000 BC. Experts also claim that originally, these dogs were used by the native people of Lapland, i.e., the Saamis in the herding of reindeers.

In addition to their herding abilities, they were also known for their hunting and guarding skills. This means that they could take care of the reindeers, protecting them, but at the same time, they also had the ability to hunt for food. Later on, these dogs were domesticated, since they were quite easy to train.

Nature wise, the Finnish Lapphund dogs are eager to learn and friendly. This is why they make good family companions as well as excellent watchdogs. They are neither aggressive, nor shy and respond well to other people, as well as animals. They are mild mannered, with a strong sense of loyalty and while they aim to please their owner, they also have a bit of an independent streak.

Swedish Lapphunds

It is believed that the Swedish Lapphunds originated amongst the ancient hunting tribes that were based in Northern Scandinavia. The people from this land, known as the Sampi people for guarding and hunting purposes

Like all other Spitz dogs, the Swedish Lapphund require a stable upbringing, which provides them with an adequate amount of physical and mental stimulation. They are good working dogs and can be trained in various fields, as they are very versatile. Some of the traits that can be associated with this dog, include obedience, agility and blood tracking. Moreover Lapphunds from Sweden show avid curiosity, are friendly and non-aggressive. This is probably why it is fairly easy to train them.

There is a lot of other Lapphunds info that is easily available through resources, such as books, pet articles, online websites, and so on. However, it is best for any pet owner to consult a veterinarian, or even a professional Lapphunds breeder, for more accurate information on dog training and looking after these dogs.
  Submitted on October 13, 2011  

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