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Spinone italiano

Spinone italiano puppies and dog history, training and characteristics

The Spinone Italiano, as the name suggests, originates from Italy.

The Spinone Italiano breed is one of the few that are still involved in their ancestral activities. Historically, the Spinone Italiano dog was trained to be a gun dog. A gun dog is one which is trained to find hunted prey. Even today, Spinone Italiano dogs are basically used as gun dogs, especially by the duck and geese hunters.

The Spinone Italiano is used for pointing and retrieving hunted prey, especially from any water body, since it is an excellent swimmer. Usually, there are separate dogs for hunting, pointing and retrieving. However, the Spinone Italiano was trained to be versatile and therefore is excellent for all three activities.

Today, this extremely intelligent dog can be trained for anything and apart from being a successful gun dog, the Spinone Italiano is also a cherished pet, companion, and assistance dog for the disabled.

Spinone Italiano puppies are distinguishable by their wiry coat which lies close to their skin. They are strong and sturdy, having a square build. Their body is well muscled and suited to most terrains. Their long head is unique and sets them apart from a closely resembling breed known as the German Wirehaired Pointer. Like many other dogs, the tail of the Spinone Italiano is docked while still a puppy. Their paws are webbed because of which they make excellent swimmers.

The Spinone Italiano is a docile and easygoing dog. It is gentle with children and is a very loving and affectionate dog with an easy going temper. It is generally friendly, even with those that it doesn't know. There has seldom been any aggression associated with this breed and therefore, those who are looking for guard dogs usually steer clear of the Spinone Italiano.

Spinone Italiano puppies should be trained right from when they are young. Though they are usually very intelligent and easy to train, they are also sensitive and therefore should be given motivational training. Sometimes, they do act stubbornly, however, right training can prevent such a situation from arising.

Unlike some other gun dogs and hunting dogs, the Spinone Italiano is not a very racy breed. They have a characteristically relaxed trot and are a perfect companion for a jog. Though the dog is very strong, it will seldom ever run in front of its human companion, dragging the human behind.

Since the Spinone Italiano is a pure bred dog, it does have many health problems. Selective breeding and careful tending to the needs of the dog can easily eliminate most of the health problems.

  Submitted on October 15, 2009  

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