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Miniature bull terrier

Miniature Bull Terrier Info:

The Miniature Bull Terrier is essentially a Bull Terrier that has been made smaller through selective breeding.

Standard Bull Terriers are around 22 inches in height and weigh around 30 kilograms, while Miniature Bull Terriers are typically no more than 14 inches tall and weigh only around 12 kilograms. The Bull Terrier was originally developed for the rather barbaric sport of fighting between bulls and dogs. However, it also became quite popular as a herder, a ratter, and a guard dog, besides finding favor among many people as a pet.

Due to its popularity as a pet, it was thought desirable to make the dogs smaller and more manageable, and hence the Miniature Bull Terrier dog was developed.

Miniature Bull Terriers are very similar to Standard Bull Terriers in most ways. They have close, short, and glossy coats that come in many colors.

These include solid whites and blacks, as well as brindles and tri-colors. These dogs are muscular, with full, round bodies. Like the Standard Bull Terrier, probably the most noticeable feature of the Miniature Bull Terrier is its head. The head is sometimes called egg-shaped, but this is rather misleading. The unusual part of its head is the flat top that slopes straight down to the nose, without any clear point where the muzzle begins.

The Miniature Bull Terrier Temperament is different from what the original purpose of Bull Terriers would lead one to believe. These are friendly, playful, and highly energetic dogs that make for good family pets, especially for people living in apartments. These dogs can be stubborn, just like any other terriers, but they are intelligent and affectionate dogs, and can be trained quite easily. However, the right approach is needed for this – this includes defining a proper pack structure in the household and using positive training methods. It is also important to socialize your Miniature Bull Terrier puppy, so that it does not later have problems with other people or animals. These dogs are rarely shy or nervous, but they can become protective and aggressive, and are liable to get into fights with dogs much larger than themselves.

Miniature Bull Terriers are generally sturdy, healthy dogs, but they are predisposed to a few health problems. Obesity is quite common, so you should be strict and consistent about diet and exercise. This breed also often suffers from dislocated kneecaps, which may sometimes need surgery. Zinc deficiencies are also quite common, and can be life threatening.

  Submitted on November 19, 2009  

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