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Great pyrenees

Great Pyrenees Dog Breed:

The Great Pyrenees dog is believed to have had its origins in Siberia or Central Asia.

The breed migrated along with the Aryans into Europe and it’s name is inspired by the south-western mountain range in Europe where they used to guard sheep on the mountain slopes. The Great Pyrenees dog is therefore associated with peasantry, but was also named the court dog in France in the 17th Century. These dogs are intelligent and efficient and can handle any kind of terrain, given their tradition of standing guard over livestock on steep mountain slopes.

They are faithful and loyal and are an invaluable resource on a farm. The Great Pyrenees dog is very hard working and can work in any kind of weather condition, thanks to its thick protective coat. This thick coat is normally white in color, but may contain traces of colors like gray, tan or badger.

As the Great Pyrenees puppy gets older, the coat may become thicker and change color if the puppy was not born white.  The Pyrenees dog is suitable for a family as he/she is very adjusting and tolerant. They are however, bred to be independent and to make decisions on their own. As a result, they are not the most obedient of dogs and have to be trained and domesticated early. They tend to become protective of a family or flock, depending on what they are guarding and may behave in a territorial fashion when faced with strangers. The Great Pyrenees dog should be exercised at least once everyday and requires brushing at least once a week.

Great Pyrenees training should begin at an early stage as this breed of dog is large sized and has a dominating personality. Some basic training should be carried out to avoid problems later, at an adult stage. Though tolerant by nature, make sure that your Great Pyrenees dog is on a leash when you’re taking him/her outdoors. The most important aspect of Great Pyrenees training is that they should never be allowed to jump up on people. On account of their large size, it is advisable to discourage the dog from jumping up when he/she is excited to avoid any accidents. The Great Pyrenees dog is not naturally obedient and may therefore require some positive reinforcement to overcome his/her sense of natural independence. They are a very intelligent species, however, so you can always teach while you are outdoors, allowing the dog to pick up on habits of other dogs. Taking your Great Pyrenees outdoors in a controlled manner also ensures socializing that is essential in his/her training period.

  Submitted on November 25, 2009  

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