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West highland white terrier

West Highland White Terrier, temprament, training, grooming and diet

The Origin.

The West Highland white terrier dog was originally bred in Scotland in the early 1800's. They were trained to hunt rats and dig out foxes, rabbits and badgers. The West Highland white terrier is full of stamina and is quite bold. It is characterized by its speed and is a very lively dog. A West Highland white terrier is also known by names like Poltalloch Terrier, Roseneath Terrier, White Roseneath Terrier, and Westie.

This breed loves companionship and at the same time, it is also a good watchdog.

The Looks. Generally West Highland white terrier dogs stand approximately 10 to 11inches tall at its shoulders. It weighs somewhere around 15 to 22 pounds. The coat of this breed is white, double-coated, and very thick, and it requires to be brushed every day. It is recommended that they should be given a bath once a month and no more than that, for they are prone to allergies and develop dry skin.

The tail of the West Highland white terrier is about six inches in length and is not to be docked. The muzzle of this dog is blunt and it has a large black nose. The teeth of the West Highland white terrier may seem large when compared to the proportion of the entire body. This breed has a large and strong bone structure. One of the most adorable features about them is the piercing gaze they have in their eyes.

The Temperament and Training. West Highland white terriers are game terriers, which makes them easy to train. The breed is quite friendly with strangers and they get along well with children. West Highland white terriers do not normally pick up fights with other dogs unless or until they feel highly incited. They require lots of attention as puppies in order to make them learn the right behavior. You should take your West Highland white terrier for daily walks and can also let them play around in open spaces. You should also be gentle with them while imparting training. West Highland white terriers adapt to living in apartments very easily. Once trained, they turn into amazing pets.

The Grooming. Grooming your pet is one of the most important factors if you desire to keep one at home. As suggested earlier, give your West Highland white terrier a bath once a month. Brushing the coat daily ensures that the hair doesn't get tangled up. For this you will have to buy some nice combs and brushes along with a special flea comb. Don't forget a pair of good scissors to keep the hair length around the eyes, ears, and feet trimmed. The tail of your West Highland white terrier also needs to be trimmed at regular intervals.

The Diet. Don't ever give your West Highland white terrier more than the usual portion of meals no matter how cutely it looks at you. It is a small dog, so it is advisable to feed it with small portions of dry food. It is also recommended that the meal contains lots of protein for the dog to develop healthy skin.

  Submitted on October 14, 2009  

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