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Cairn terrier

Cairn Terrier Dog Information:

The Cairn terrier, one of the oldest breeds of terriers, finds its origin in Scotland.

It was one of the earliest working dogs in the Scottish Highlands. The Cairn terrier dog was first trained to hunt burrowing prey like rabbits.

For a long time, Cairn terrier puppies were bred for household and hunting purposes. The nomenclature of the dog happened much later when it was transported to the United States and was brought into dog shows.

Before this, it was known as the Short Haired Sky terrier all over the Europe. However, at the Kennel Clubs of the United States of America, there was a fierce opposition to this by those who bred Sky terriers. Therefore as an alternative, the name Cairn terrier was suggested.

Cairn Terrier Training:

Cairn terrier training has been essentially focused around hunting burrowing prey.

They have been traditionally used to kill rats and other rodents infesting large storage areas. At homes also, they often assume the position of a pet cat, and hunt for rats and mice.

Cairn Terrier Dog Temperament:

The Cairn terrier temperament is very friendly. In fact, they are quite adventurous and used to actively scour large areas in the highlands while in Scotland. They are playful and often dig up areas looking for imaginary prey. Cairn terriers are strongly instinctive and with the right training, they can become extremely obedient and useful. If not trained right when they are puppies, they can turn extremely willful and somewhat disobedient.

Cairn terrier puppies are often mixed with other dogs like Chihuahua and Poodles to make attractive Cairn terrier mixes. The Cairn terrier breed, though pure, is often used for breeding mixed pups. Cairn terrier information is easily available and the cross breeding is also quite simple.

Though Cairn terriers are normally healthy, they may have several problems as they grow up. The average age of a Cairn terrier is 15 years. There are several health problems that these dogs are more prone to. These dogs often have several hereditary diseases like Cairn terrier allergies and Cairn terrier skin problems. If not controlled, the Cairn terrier's weight can often pose a huge challenge, as these dogs have a tendency to grow overweight.

Most of the Cairn terrier health problems can be cured by grooming the dogs well. If the dogs are hand stripped, they remain clean. If you use shears and scissors on the outer coat of the dog, it can ruin the coat forever. The dead hair when pulled by hand can easily come off the dog's body. Regular pet health care can help prevent allergies and skin diseases.



  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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