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Farm Collie

Farm Collie Dog Breed, Breeder, Puppies, Rescue and Information

A farm collie is one of the most popular working dogs at any farm.

They are often also known as old farm shepherds. They were once extremely popular dogs, especially on farms. However, in the recent years, their popularity has dwindled. The old farm collie descends from the old Scottish collie, which was a very versatile farm dog and worked to herd cattle and other farm animals. In the early twentieth century, the farm collies were almost indispensable for farmers.

These dogs are excellent at herding, moving around in circles along the herding animals so that they remain in groups. Farm collie dogs also excel at protecting and guarding livestock.

Farm collie breeders would typically breed in traits that make it a protector of the livestock as well as the family with which these dogs live. They can also be used to hunt small animals and game birds and are useful in pest control. This dog breed is in fact an amalgamation of all the qualities that are sought in a dog.

Although now there are specialized dogs for hunting, companionship and herding, these farm collies have for long played all these roles alone.

The farm collie is an all-rounder and is extremely loyal to its master. These dogs are great herders and herd instinctively. When trained well, right from when they are puppies, these dogs will herd right on command. When these dogs are properly socialized, they have a perfectly balanced working character as well as family relationship. The dog may also easily understand the routines and rules of the farm.

The farm collie is an extremely intelligent animal and understands its role in the daily functioning of the farm. Due to this, the collie is able to manage the farm even in the absence of the owner. The dog will also see to it that all vermin is eradicated from the premises of the farm.

Physically, the farm collie is a very agile dog. Farm collie puppies are extremely furry and small. They shed their baby fur as they grow older and get a more firm coat. They are athletic and strong. They are also extremely attentive and have average sense of hearing and smell. These qualities contribute in making the farm collie a multipurpose worker.

As a hunter and tracker, the farm collie is naturally adept. However, in the recent years, with the modernization of farms and the smaller farms almost going extinct, the farm collie has also become rare. Fortunately, farm collie rescue has been initiated by organizations like American Working Farm Collie Association.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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