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Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie - Information on the Dog Breed, Breeders, Nature, Temperament and Health Issues

The origin of the Australian kelpie is complex.

Outside of Australia, few people know that this dog works on thousands of properties and saves millions of dollars in labor costs.  Some dogs have even been honored for their work through statues, stories, and poems. The Kelpies are of a medium size and various colours.  Many dogs are exported for herding all over the world as they work well with sheep, goats, and cattle. They have various color coats but the most common are black, tan, dark chestnut and shades of grey. There are two basic variety’s of the Kelpie - One for shows and trials and selected specifically for its appearance, and the other for its ability to work.

Australian Kelpie Temperament

The Kelpie is a loyal and energetic dog by nature. It needs to be kept constantly occupied, failing which it can turn destructive. Some dogs of this breed are known to participate in dog – jumping events and they are known to excel at the sport, with some known to cross ten feet in height. The working dogs are taught to lightly nip the sheep, when shepherding the flock.  Some are also good at search and rescue work and dog sports.  They are excellent in herding because they are devoted one – man dogs and are too energetic and work oriented for the home.  They are easily trained because of their keenness, and are a main component of the dog work-force.

They are always ready for a signal from the owner, even at a great distance and they know what the signal demands.  They are good with children when they have grown up with them or are well socialized. With special and individual love and attention they remain peaceful and faithful to their owners. Being assertive, they try to herd other dogs, pets and animals whether they need to be herded or not! They are devoted to their work in the field and mild and docile at home. They are known for their independence and they work to please themselves - not the handler.

The Australian Kelpie works throughout the day even in extreme heat. They bark and nip to control the stubborn cattle and they can muster huge flocks of sheep from pastures to truck via the sheep pen. They are excellent watchdogs and can also be trained as guides for the blind.  They are not aggressive by nature but can be protective when needed.  With their deep intelligence they become dominant in their work, which is why it is so important for the owner to be assertive.  With the right owner and a challenging job, this dog breed can excel. Working-bred Kelpies are ideal for rescue work.

Australian Kelpie Health Issues

This is a hardy breed with very few health problems but liable to physical disorders that are common to all dogs. It is a working dog that demands exercise on a regualr basis. It would be ideal for you to take an Australian Kelpie along with you when you go jogging. Do remember that for all long walks, the trainer should not allow the dog to walk ahead – either beside or behind them. This is to emphasize that the human is the Alpha of the pack. Along with plenty of exercise they also need to be mentally stimulated. This will keep them in good mood. It is important to keep in mind that the Australian Kelpie is the main sheepdog of Australia.

Make sure that you only contact reputable Australian kelpie breeders if you are interested getting in a pup. You can also visit your local vet to gather more Australian kelpie information.

  Submitted on September 23, 2011  

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