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Affenpinscher Toy Dog Breed:

The Affenpinscher is a toy dog with wiry hair and terrier-like looks.

This dog is good as a house pet, as it is very intelligent and gets along well with other pets too. It has long eyebrows and a big beard. While the dog might look delicate, it has a tough nature. “Moustached little devil” is the nickname it has earned in France as it is a naughty little dog.

Physical characteristics: The long eyebrows and beard can give it a comical look. Sometimes it can even look serious like a wise old man. It has a rough coat and the hair is longer over the stomach, legs, neck, head and chest. The long coat can protect it from rough weather conditions and from vermin.

This dog is nimble, active, and tough. The dog has a light gait.

Affenpinscher Personality:

This dog is affable and can get along with other pets. It enjoys being with family members and is a cheerful little pet. The affenpinscher is quite lovable with a stubborn streak and can be busy, bold and inquisitive. It loves to play, but it might bark and climb.

Affenpinscher Grooming, Health Care:

You need to take these dogs out for a walk and to give them adequate exercise. They might like to play indoor games with you to expend their energy. You need to brush and comb the coat a few times a week and need to shape and trim it within a few months. These dogs can play outdoors, but are not suite to living outdoors. Affenspinscher training is important too. This little toy dog can live for 12 to 14 years. It can suffer from health problems like corneal ulcers and patellar luxation. These dogs might have respiratory problems like open fontanel and patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). Take your dog to a vet to identify the issues that might bother this dog.

Affenpinscher History:

These dogs are called "Diablotin Moustachu", which in French means "moustached little devil". These dogs are one of the oldest breeds of toy dogs. You can know a whole lot about the personality of these dogs by interpreting the meaning of the name of the breed. Affen means monkey, while pinscher is a word for terrier. Nobody knows much about the origin of these dogs. They’ve been painted by Dutch painters since the 15th century. But there’s not much in terms of concrete evidence about their roots.

  Submitted on February 11, 2010  

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