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Akita Shepherd

Akita Shepherd Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Mix, Information and Temperament

Dogs, no matter what breed, are all very highly regarded for their deep sense of loyalty and companionship that they provide to their masters.

When treated well, the bond that develops between an owner and his canine pet is so strong sometimes that despite the fact that the animal cannot use words, a series of non-verbal communication will instantly let the owner know that something isn’t right with the dog as well as vice versa.

The Akita shepherd is a breed of dog that falls into the hybrid category because of the fact that it is a cross between two different types of pure breeds.

The Akita shepherd mix is primarily a cross between the Akita dog, which is a Japanese animal that is highly regarded for the fact that has a rather massive frame with perfect balance; and the German Shepherd dog, which is also known for its rather sturdy and strong physical presence.

Just as with any hybrid type of dog, Akita shepherd breeders will tell you that there is no distinctive characteristics to this dog breed as there are a number of combinations of traits from the parents that the offspring can develop.  The Akita shepherd mix puppies will general have a double coat of fur, just like both of its parents, although the coloration on its coat could vary from offspring to offspring.

Understanding the various characteristics and finding out further Akita shepherd information would mean having a decent understanding of the traits of either parent breed. The Akita dog has a very strong personality, which is why it is very important to make sure that your dog understands who the leader in the household is. The dogs are known to have a tendency to assume control in the event that they feel the owner does not have a strong enough personality. The Akita dog is also known to be extremely food possessive. When you have children around one or more Akita shepherd dogs, it is important that you monitor the interaction very carefully as the dogs are known to attack and bite in instances of high tension – which is always a possible scenario when children are involved. The German shepherd, on the other hand, is known to be rather friendly with children despite their rather large frame. Exploring a number of the other traits that the two distinct breeds possess will allow you to get an idea of the various combinations that are likely to develop within the Akita Shepherd puppies.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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