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Carlin Pinscher

Carlin Pinscher - Information on Puppies, Breeders, For Sale, Size, Temperament and Life Expectancy

Carlin pinscher is a relatively new mixed breed as it was developed in 1990s only.

The carlin pinscher is bred by crossing a miniature pinscher with a pug. Owing to its looks, the carlin pinscher is often confused with a miniature Rottweiler. Earlier, the carlin pincher breed was known as pug-pin; the name “carlin” came into existence later on.

This happened because in most countries the pug breed is referred to as carlin. You should note that the cross breed of miniature pinscher and the pug is recognized and referred to as “muggin” by the American Canine Hybrid Club.

Size, Temperament and Life Expectancy of Carlin Pinscher

The dogs of this breed are very small in size. An adult carlin pinscher size is not more than an average house cat; that is anything between 11 and 13 inches.

The weight of an adult carlin pinscher is only six to seven kilos. In this sense, carlin pinscher puppies are really tiny when you first bring them home, and they do require special care. In general, however, carlin pinscher is a sturdy and healthy breed, and it does not have any serious health issues. The life expectancy of this dog breed is around 15 years.

Carlin pinscher dogs are sociable and playful in nature, but you need to train them in that particular manner from an early age. This is a playful dog and thus gets along well with children. It is an intelligent and sensible breed and turns out to be good home pet if properly handled and trained since birth. They are dignified, even tempered, charming, and lovable dogs. Overall, carlin pinscher temperament is most suitable for a good family pet, especially when there are small kids at home.

Despite being active and agile, the carlin pinscher dogs can easily accommodate themselves in small houses and apartments. However, you should take them out for play and exercises so as to maintain its health and activeness.

Carlin Pinscher Breeders and Puppies For Sale

If you are planning to buy a carlin pinscher puppy, you can find the relevant information on the Internet regarding carlin pinscher breeders in your nearby areas. In local newspapers and magazines also, you will find a number of ads for carlin pinscher puppies for sale. Keep in mind that before buying the puppy, you must ensure that the breed is genuine by checking the history of its parents. For additional information, you can also contact your local pet store or a vet.
  Submitted on September 27, 2011  

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