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Appenzell Mountain Dog

Appenzell Mountain Dog - Information on the Dog Breed, Breeders, Puppies, For Sale, Rescue and Temperament

The Appenzell Mountain Dog is a versatile working dog, muscular, well built and hardy but not massive.

The unusual breed name can be traced to a region in Switzerland known as Appenzell which is where these dogs were originally bred as herding dogs. This breed is also known by various other names such as the Appenzeller Sennenhund - which is its original name, Appenzeller, and Appenzell Cattle Dog.    

Physical Appearance

The appenzell dog breed has a thick and glossy coat and is well suited to outdoor work even in extremely cold climates. It has a distinctive tricolor coat which is largely black or brown along with rust and white markings.

Their pendant ears are similar to the button ear and are set high but hang down the sides of their face.

Breed and Temperament

The appenzell mountain dog temperament is rather unique as it expects and requires a lot of attention and if it fails to obtain this, it will move to an isolated area. These dogs generally have a very strong bond with their owners although they are happy to socialize with the entire family.

They are natural herders and excel in this field although they can also employ other outdoor work and activities. As long as they are well trained at an early age, these dogs grow up to be even tempered dogs and get along well with children, other dogs, and even cats. The appenzell dog is generally very attached to its family but it can be very wary of strangers to the point of being aggressive and territorial. It is therefore important that appenzell mountain dog puppies receive specific dog training to help to retain their caution but reduce their aggressiveness when dealing with unknown people.

Caring for an Appenzell Mountain Dog

The Appenzell Mountain Dog has a double coat that is very short and pelt-like and requires very little care. Grooming is minimal as these dogs only require a quick brush in order to get rid of loose fur. These dogs require plenty of outdoor exercise and generally are not well suited to cramped apartments and life in the city. Appenzell Mountain dogs that live in the city need to be exercised on a regular basis and so a long walks along with romps in a neighborhood park would be good exercise options.  

Appenzell Mountain Dog Rescue

The Appenzell dog is not very common in the city and so it is not always easy to find appenzell mountain dog puppies for sale. Rescue centers sometimes get these dogs and so you can always put in a request so that if they acquire a dog of this breed you can choose to adopt it. Appenzell mountain dog breeders often include descriptions of their puppies’ temperaments and habits. Your local vet would also be a good resource for reliable appenzell mountain dog info.
  Submitted on September 19, 2011  

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