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Bully Bordeaux

Bully Bordeaux - Information on Dog Breed, Breeders, Puppy, For Sale, Nature and Temperament

The bully Bordeaux dog is an excellent hybrid pet.

Bully Bordeaux is bred by crossing the bullmastiff and the dogue de Bordeaux. A bully Bordeaux dog obviously has the characteristics of both of its parents. As in any other hybrid breed, the extent of these characteristics may vary and need not be necessarily 50% each.

At the first glance, the bully Bordeaux may appear to be just like the bullmastiff.

However, on close observation, you will find that it has a bigger head and ears like its other parent the dogue de Bordeaux.The bully Bordeaux dog has a brownish coat with small fur like hair. It has big green eyes, which appear to be coming out of the eye lids. It may have a white diamond shape patch on the chest.

An adult male weighs from 50 to 60 kilos, whereas the female weight ranges from 40 to 52 kilos. However, there is not much difference in size, which may vary from 22 to 26 inches.

Nature and Temperament

By nature, the bully Bordeaux dog breed is sensible, calm, intelligent, and can be easily trained. They are very social and playful and love to play with children.They are very keen about pleasing their masters as well, and they love to follow orders. Hence, the dogs of this breed turn out to be great pets.The only thing that you need to keep in is that these dogs need to be trained and socialized from the very beginning.

Bully Bordeaux Dog, Puppy and Breeders

Bully Bordeaux dogs are very agile and energetic as well. It is due to this characteristic that you need to take them for regular walks and play with them. They do not like to live in confined or small spaces. In fact, if you go out and lock your bully Bordeaux at home, you may find your furniture damaged or the cables and wires cut after returning home. If you live in an apartment or a small house, you should not consider bringing a bully Bordeaux puppy home.

If you do want to buy a bully Bordeaux puppy, you can easily find a bully Bordeaux breeder in your nearby area by checking online websites. You will find a number of advertisements for bully Bordeaux dogs for sale. However, before buying your puppy, you must ask the breeder to provide you all the relevant information about its parents.

For more bully Bordeaux information, you can contact the American Kennel Club or visit their website. You could also consult a local pet store.
  Submitted on September 26, 2011  

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