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The Azawakh dog hails from the Sahara Desert region.

It is named after the Aazawakh valley which is located there. It is one of the oldest breeds of hounds known to man. This elegant looking dog has been a companion, guardian, and hunter for the indigenous tribes for centuries. Azawakh dogs are known for their immense courage and loyalty towards their owners.
An adult male Azawakh hound stands 24 to 29 inches tall and its weight varies from 33 to 55 pounds.

Female Azawakhs are slightly shorter in size. Azawakhs have a short haired, smooth, and silky coat. The life span of the Azawakh dog is nearly 12 to 14 years. These dogs are very agile, have good endurance, and can run very fast.

Despite being a rare dog breed outside its native region, this breed is getting popular among dog lovers worldwide. In the United States, it was first introduced only three decades back. Today, you can find Azawakh breeders around the world.

Like most other puppies, Azawakh puppies too look innocent and cute. However, you should be very careful while handling them. Do not get carried away by their deceptively innocent looks. Do remember that they are very agile and speedy.

Azawakh dogs were bred to be sighthounds and so get attracted towards motion and have the tendency to chase anything that moves such as running children and people on skate boards or bicycles. This is due to their natural instinct to chase anything that moves and not a sign of bad behavior. They are very affectionate and gentle with their family members, but could get aggressive when threatened. Inherently, Azawakh dogs are proud and independent in nature. They are not very social with other pets and there might be a problem of social hierarchy.

Grooming Azawakh dogs is as easy and simple as grooming a cat. The Azawakh breed is one of the cleanest breeds of dogs. Simply cleaning and combing its coat is enough. Since they originally hail from hot desert areas, utmost care is required if these animals are kept in cold regions.

If you are planning to get an Azawakh for your home, contact an Azawakh breeder in your vicinity or town. You can find a number of advertisements in the print media or search the internet for an Azawakh for sale. Before buying an Azawakh puppy, you must verify the authenticity of the dog breed by obtaining vital information such as the parents’ history, vaccination records, and kennel club certificates. For more information about Azawakh dogs you can also consult the American Kennel Club or the azawakh rescue foundation.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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