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Clumber spaniel

Clumber Spaniel:

The clumber spaniel is a dog that is a native of the British Isles and is a member of the spaniel family that boasts members like the English cocker spaniel.

The dogs were initially bred to be hunting and flushing dogs. They are quite interesting personalities with an affinity for mischief especially when it comes to raiding the kitchen for food. This breed is extremely attached to their immediate family pack, though it would be inaccurate to say that they are protective as such.

These dogs can trace their careers back to the time of English Kings, when they accompanied their masters in hunts. Flushing is a common technique used when trying to hunt game birds. The dog would be sent to scare the birds into flying above the surrounding brush making them easy targets.

The clumber spaniel has one of the shorter dogs and stands just about twenty inches tall. It has a head that might seem slightly ungainly for the size of its body. The coat is thick but soft and requires constant care to manage when molting. The dog is also quite a messy one with its constant slobbering, especially after drinking water. Another personality quirk is their affinity for loud snoring. However, it is the personality of this dog that is the really interesting part. The dog was bred for being a hunter and to that effect will mischievously attempt to raid any part of the house that might contain food items – even a refrigerator is not safe. Another interesting part of this dog is that it is not really aware of its size and thinks of itself as a smaller being that should be pampered in the master’s lap. Unfortunately, they are usually not able to successfully maneuver themselves into position because of their shape of their hips. Mischief is a trait that is common in clumber spaniel puppies and cocker spaniel puppies as well, with common artifacts and household objects going missing every now and then, only to turn up in the backyard or a burrow.

Clumber spaniel information with regards to health aspects and things that you need to look out for are hip dysplasia and a disease in which the eyelids may start turning inwards or outwards. Apart from these odd diseases, the dog is also prone to hypothyroidism as the dog advances in age. The dog is a loyal and affectionate addition to the family.

  Submitted on November 24, 2009  

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