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Cockeranian - Information about the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders and Nature

A cockeranian is another mixed or hybrid breed between a cocker spaniel and a Pomeranian.

There was a time when cocker spaniels became very expensive and popular so breeders decided to cross breed cocker spaniel with other friendly and easy-to-handle dogs. The cockeranian is one such hybrid.

Cockeranian Puppies, Breeders and Nature

Like most hybrids, today breeders are trying make the hybrid into a pure breed so they breed cockeranians with other cockeranians. You can ensure the parentage of your cockeranian puppies when you get them.

This hybrid is a sensitive dog that loves children and family and makes an excellent pet.

Cockeranian information is relatively little so it becomes important to study the parents of the puppy you decide to adopt. These dogs can also be trained but sometimes their ability to follow and remember commands might need reinforcement. It is a playful yet stubborn dog and loves to socialize and is eager to please so with a little practice it can be trained well.

It can be a great companion dog and is also known to suffer from separation anxiety. Like most good family dogs, these dogs are also leery of strangers and are known to bark a lot.

It tends to be a taller dog as compared to regular Pomeranians and usually has a cute and long tail. It has the cocker spaniel’s soulful eyes but has a thinner snout. The coat can be in different colors like white, black, brown and tan. These dogs can live up to 13 years. This hybrid is also prone to digestive issues. It also inherits the spaniel’s tendency for ear infections and the ears need to be continually checked. These dogs have a tendency to put on weight and need to be exercised daily. This dog is agile, can develop a good stamina especially when exercised regularly. It does not do well in hot weather. It can live in an apartment provided it gets enough exercise. This dog breed is also known to its excellent hearing as both parent breeds have good hearing. The percentage of parent breeds also plays a role in characteristics for these hybrid dogs.

This hybrid breed needs continuous dog grooming with a bath at least once every two weeks. With a combination coat from the spaniel and the Pomeranian, the dog even needs a trimming often to prevent skin infections.

  Submitted on October 13, 2011  

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