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Border Jack

Border Jack - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Temperament and Characteristics

Border jack is a mixed breed that is bred by crossing a border collie with a Jack Russell terrier.Border jack dogs are small, but hyperactive.

Although they have characteristics of both the parents, they are primarily unpredictable in temperament, coat color, and size. Border jack dogs are usually bred for the sports arena, especially fly ball, because of their speed and agility.

Characteristics and Temperament of Border Jack Dogs

Border jack dogs are not suitable as home pets.The characteristics of border jack dogs are as follows:

• Usually, border jack dogs are shorter than a border collie, but taller a Jack Russell terrier.

• Unlike other cross breeds, there is no consistency in coat color and hair size. Color may largely vary from dog to dog.

• Border jack dogs are highly agile as also have a firm and sturdy body.

As a result of their high energy levels,they need to be handled very carefully.

• The temperament of border jack dogs is highly unpredictable. Sometimes, they appear to be disciplined, and sometimes, they may be stubborn and unruly. They are easily irritated, and if you do not give them something they want, they may even attack you.

• Border jack dogs are not very social and do not easily mix with other pets and people.

• Border jack dogs do not like to stay in small areas due to their agile nature. They are best kept in large houses with ample grounds and gardens for the dog to play in.

• Border jacks need daily physical activity to help them release pent up energy.

• Although border jack puppies can be trained at home, they might not be good home pets.

Given the above mentioned characteristics, it is obvious that border jacks simply do not make for good pets and are best avoided if you are looking for a family dog. However, if you’re still looking for border jack puppies for sale and want to know where to buy one from, you can contact local border jack breeders in your area. You can also find a number of advertisements on the Internet or in print media. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind when you buy a border jack is to thoroughly check the history and characteristics of the parents of the border jack puppy. Do not buy any pet unless you are pretty sure about the authenticity of the dog breed.

For more information on border jacks or any other breed you could check out your local pet stores or speak to professionals in the field as also to vets.

  Submitted on October 12, 2011  

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