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Schipperke dog

All about schipperke dog breed and training schipperke puppies

Originally from Belgium, schipperke dogs have been known to perform roles such as herding as well as, as watch dogs.

The smaller versions of schipperke dog used to function as either mouse or rat catchers or even to guard the poultry on farms. The schipperke dogs are thickset, tail less dogs whose weight may be a little exaggerated by their stunted height. The coats come in a variety of fawns and tans.

The animal has small, erect ears and its nose is always black. These small animals are extremely energetic – making them quite a handful for people that are not looking for excitable dogs. These dogs are also very accommodating to the presence of other small dogs as well as cats and are very smart and curious animals.

The schipperke dogs are highly regarded for their bravery and courage and are known to stand up to any challenge – defending their house and families with the utmost determination. They are also very compatible with children although they can be a little aloof with strangers.  Due to their mischievous and playful mood swings, the dog is best owned by someone with previous dog handling experience.

Schipperke training is not very hard, although you may face some problems in housebreaking a few of the dogs. Their intelligence and loyalty make them very obedient, although considering their small size – there is a likelihood that the animal can suffer from small dog syndrome. This condition occurs when the animal is trained by someone of les determination than the animal itself. The dog will then assume the role of being the leader of the pack and start to show negative character attributes including jealousy as well as stubbornness. Some dogs are also known to suffer from other behavioral problems including separation anxiety and excessive barking if they do not get the kind of attention that they feel they deserve.

The schipperke dog breed does not require high levels of maintenance or grooming and will generally need to be brushed just once a week. They have a medium shedding tendency and the amount of hair shed could change depending on the season. The amount of hair shed by these dogs could make them a problem around people that suffer from allergies. Like most small dogs, the schipperke's have a rather long life expectancy and can live for upto 15 years. They also tend to suffer from a number of medical complications such as epilepsy, thyroid problems and entropion.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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