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Norfolk terrier dog

Norfolk terrier dog temperament, grooming and health problems

The Norfolk terrier dog is a small dog, in fact the smallest one among working terriers.

It has gained an independent breed status only since 1960. Even though it's the smallest terrier, it has a strong and sturdy body, with strong leg bones too. The Norfolk terrier is lovable, great with children, active, courageous, and has a quick mind. In fact, so quick is its mind that if the dog is unoccupied for a long time, it starts digging and barking out of boredom.

Other than that, the breed has a generally calm and stable mind and does not get nervous or quarrelsome. However, it can be quite vocal and bark a lot at times. The norfolk terrier is a playful breed and yet quite an elegant dog. This breed loves to play with balls and toys and makes for a great playmate with children.

They have a sweet temperament that makes them love people more than most breeds of dogs. Whether it's the family or strangers, they take to people rather easily. Also, they get along quite famously with other dogs and small animals too. However, they must be socialized with other dogs and pet animals while they are still pups to develop a bonding. And, even if they get along well with small animals, they can have a prey drive when taken outdoors.

Norfolk terrier grooming is relatively simple and all that is required is combing or brushing it on a daily basis, while a good combing session can be done just once a week to prevent matting and to do away with loose hairs. The norfolk terrier does not need trimming or clipping of its coat, as it can ruin the color and texture of the coat. What makes it easy to maintain is the fact that it does not shed much and needs to be bathed with dog shampoo only when necessary. It's important to give this dog mental stimulation and adequate physical exercise, which takes a bit longer as it is an active breed. But, it would be fine to not give them physical exercise everyday.

This breed is generally healthier than other small dogs. They can, however, have hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, and mitral valve disease. Also, sometimes their teeth can be misaligned. It's difficult to housetrain Norfolk terrier puppies and they have a tendency to get jealous of other pet animals, though, generally they are companionable and playful with other pets. They are also known to shower the family with lots of love and affection.

  Submitted on October 29, 2009  

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