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While dogs may be known to many for their strength and ferocity that makes them so useful, a high proportion of them are actually very gentle and trusting.

Largely depending on their animal instincts for survival, these animals will usually turn aggressive towards an individual only when some amount of animosity has been shown towards them. Dogs are extremely smart and intelligent animals that can be easily trained to perform a number of roles that can aid their masters’ lives.

The Alaunt dog breed is no exception, and they are known to have fiercely loyal characters and once a strong bond has developed between master and animal, will stand in the way of harm to its master no matter what size of dog it is. Because of the fact that there are a variety of dog breeds, that are different in terms of looks, attitudes as well as size, one can always choose the breed of dog that he or she is most suitable to handle as well as adapt to.

Depending on the dog breed, they have their own special qualities as well as different intensity’s of skills and instincts.

Alaunt Dog Breed, Information, History

Having some information on specific breeds will help you make a better choice when it comes to choosing which dog to bring home. The Alaunt dog breed retains the traits and general characteristics of the canine family, but it does have some distinctive features and every breed has its own personalities and character. It is important to gather some Alaunt breed information before you make a decision to become an owner.

Alaunt is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. Some people will actually tell you that the Alaunt breed of canine is extinct. However, the dogs we call mastiffs are direct descendants of the Alaunts. The original breed of Alaunt dogs were believed to be very similar in looks to the Caucasian shepherd dog and were also believed to perform the same roles back in their day. The Alaunt dog breed is mainly documented in the history of French and Spanish regions. Studies into the history of both of these regions shows that the Alaunt breed was first bred in Spain around the 1500’s. Aesthetically speaking, the Alaunt dog was believed to have a broad and rather flat head with an athletic and powerfully built body. Experts believe that because of the fact that the Alaunt dog breed was primarily nomadic pastoralist of the grasslands around the Caspian Sea, they never developed into mountain dogs, like a number of other dog breeds.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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