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Kunming Dog

Kunming Dog Breed, Breeder, Puppies, Size, Information and Training

The Kunming Dog is a large dog that looks a bit like the German Shepherd Dog, but stands a bit taller at the back.

The Kunming Dog breed has been established as wolf – dog hybrid, which has originated in China. The breed was created somewhere around the early 1950s, mainly in order to meet the requirement of military dogs, in certain places. Officially, the Kunming Dog was recognized as a breed, in the year 1988.

Till today the military and the police in China use the Kunming Dog for various purposes. In many parts, this dog breed is used by civilians, mainly to fill the role of a watchdog.

Kunming Dog Information

In size, an adult Kunming Dog is anywhere between 25 inches and 27 inches.

They usually weigh around 66 pounds to 84 pounds, which is 30 kilos to 38 kilos. Dogs that belong to this breed have a shorter coat in comparison and they tend to carry their tail curled high, when they are excited. Their coat is usually marked by a black saddle and a muzzle and their colors could range from light straw to a deep rust.

These dogs love to engage in strenuous activity, which is even better, if it is combined with some kind of dog training, because they are highly intelligent and enjoy challenges. Hence, owners need to bear in mind that the Kunming Dog needs to be exercised every day, either in the form of a brisk walk, a jog, or even running while they cycle. If these dogs do not receive the adequate amount of exercise required by them, they could get restless, which could trigger off destructive qualities in them. Training the Kunming dog puppy in the right manner right from an early age is very important, as these dogs could communicate their displeasure by growling or even biting. However, with the right training, they can recognize their owners as their “leaders” and therefore, become more cooperative. Due to their size, most people avoid keeping the Kunming Dogs as pets; however, pet experts claim that dogs belonging to this breed can make great pets too.

There is a lot of additional Kunming dog information that is easily available through books and online resources. However, it is best for potential owners to consult either a vet, or preferably a kunming dog breeder for more accurate information on the proper care as well as the training of kunming dog puppies.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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