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Portuguese podengo

Portuguese Podengo Breed of Dog:

There is no exclusive characterization of Portuguese Podengos as they fall into three classes, based on size:

  • Grande (large),
  • Medio (medium), and
  • Pequeno (small)

However, the most common of the Portuguese podengo dogs that is seen as a pet is the Medio Podengo Portugueso.

The Portuguese podengo dog is a multi-sensory hound dog (visual and scent) strain of dog from Portugal. These dogs are reasonable sized dogs with a flat skull and well-proportioned head.

At times some Portuguese podengo dogs come with black noses, while the most common color is brown. An important characteristic of the Portuguese Podengo is its tail which gives a very strong indication of its mental state.

When the Portuguese podengo dog is in a composed state, the tail appears somewhat hung loosely or laxly. When Portuguese podengo dogs are in apparent motion or energized, the tail is oriented horizontally. In manner of appearance the ears of the Portuguese podengo dog are by nature in a vertical position, trilateral, prominent, and highly mobile, always moving ahead to arrest sound. Its chest and neck are muscular and sinewy without the dewlap, while its feet are alike that of a cat with well flexed toes and firm and tough pads.

As a universal feature, all three sizes of the Portuguese Podengo breed love hunting, which happens to be an inherited pattern from Portugal. In a typical manner, Portuguese Podengo dogs track down game in a group with their human consort accompanying them on pathways that contain plenty of game. Their hounding manner is free from external control and constraint and the dog usually surges ahead with the huntsman within the site area. When game is discovered, the nature of the Portuguese Podengo is to kill it and take it back to the huntsman or look forward for the huntsman to reach the point and fire a shot. Each kind of the Portuguese Podengo breed is competent of tracking down game that is suitable to their physical magnitude and temperament.
Portuguese Podengo puppies and dogs are levelheaded and bouncy dogs. They also tend to be quite fearless and audacious which makes them a good guard or house dog. Their friendly temperament makes them wonderful family pets. Though broadly loving and warm, some may pick fights with dogs of other breeds. But as compared to their behavior with other dogs, the Portuguese Podengos are far more friendly and loving towards people.

  Submitted on December 24, 2009  

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