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French Spaniel

French Spaniel Dog Breed, Puppies, Appearance, Characteristics and Information

A popular hunting dog, the French spaniel belongs to the spaniel breed of dogs.

This is an elegant dog, with a head that is held up high and unbent. The dog is of medium height and length, and the body is well chiseled. The dog itself appears athletic and perfect for hunting. The French spaniel has a characteristic domed nose bridge, which gives it the appearance of a slope at the nose.

They also have large oval eyes that are characteristic of all spaniels and large floppy ears, that are a breed standard.

The French spaniel has a lean, yet muscular appearance, not completely like other medium-sized dogs. The back, which is slightly sloping and arched, is perfect for hard hunting action. The body structure of the French spaniel allows its nose to be close to the ground so that it can perform as a good tracker.The French spaniel has a dense coat that is not too thick.

To aid in the hunting abilities of the dog, the coat is also waterproof and allows the dog to spend time in water. The coat also allows the French spaniel to be excellent in hunting water fowl. The coat color is usually white with brown colored markings at several places. Though the dog is usually not found in solid colors, it is predominantly white. The markings on the body of the dog are usually irregular and very small.

Slight speckling is normal and acceptable according to breed standards. Though the French spaniel is not typically a show dog, there are some characteristic flaws that make the dog unacceptable according to the standards set for the breed. Solid colors, for instance, are unacceptable, and a dog that has a short or flat head is also undesirable.
As a pet, the French spaniel is even tempered and calm. French spaniel puppies are highly intelligent right from birth and are therefore easily trained. They enjoy socializing and revel in the company of their human families. With children, they are patient and gentle, making for excellent pets. Though very agile on the hunting field, they are easily intimidated and do not make for good guards. Gentle but firm dog training is required for French spaniel dogs to perform well.

As hunting dogs, French Spaniels are highly enthusiastic and very hard working. They are persistent and courageous in the hunting field. They follow their game and are hardy enough to run long distances and climb over obstacles. They socialize well with other animals and do well in packs.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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