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Levesque Dog Breed, Breeder, Size, Information, Nature and Appearance

The Levesque dog can be described as a fairly slim and quick dog, which is full of energy.

These dogs move with a fast and smooth gallop and are excellent when it comes to long distance running. Some sources claim that the Levesque dog breed first originated in the United States of America, whereas others state that they were first seen in France. However, a lot of people tend to mix them up with the Levesque French Hound dog, which is a cross between the fox hound and the Blue Gascogne.

This dog breed is a fairly new one and it is not difficult for any prospective pet owner to find them on sale.

The average size of a male Levesque could be anywhere between 65 to 72 cm. however, the female of the species are a bit smaller, as their size could be around 63 to 68 cm.

Appearance wise, these dogs have a hard head, which is quite short. They have a well developed cranial box. Their lips are a bit heavy and hanging, which makes it appear that the dog has a snout. The eyes of the Levesque dog are mostly sunk and brown in color. Their shoulders are fairly wide, especially around the elbows. Their back is long and well muscled. Their flanks are quite long, as they are raised a bit. Its coat is short, close and coarse and the most common colors that these dogs are seen in include black and white. Nature wise, Levesque dogs are regarded as being quite intelligent and they usually have a lively expression.

The cost of this breed may vary, as there are several factors that influence it, such as the age of the puppy, its overall health condition as well as the reputation of the breeder is is being purchased from. There is a lot of information easily available on the Levesque dog through various resources, which include pet articles, TV shows, online websites as well as books on pets. However, in case of those pet owners who are considering taking on the Levesque, it is strongly advisable for them to speak to a vet for as much information as possible, on the possible health problems that these dogs are prone to. In addition to that, potential pet owners had also best check with a Levesque dog breeder for more accurate information on rearing and training the dogs that belong to this breed.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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