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Bullmastiff dog, mix breed, personality, characteristic and history

The bullmastiff is a very powerful breed of dog.

Originally bred to be guard dogs, the bullmastiff is a cross between the English mastiff and the bulldog. Bullmastiffs were bred hundreds of years ago to keep poachers away from the other animals. In the early nineteenth century, they were used by gamekeepers to guard their property. Since the dog is large and powerful, it is till date used as a watch dog.

However, today bullmastiffs enjoy a special place in many a home.

Over the years it has become an increasingly popular pet among families.

Though the bullmastiff breed has been recognized as a pure breed, it is sometimes mixed with other breeds to create a bullmastiff mix. Bullmastiffs are often crossbred with pit bulls and Dalmatians.
There are various different types of bullmastiffs. Some of the common types are the English bullmastiff (which is the original bullmastiff), American bullmastiff, French bullmastiff, and the Italian bullmastiff.

All of these look similar and have the same bullmastiff temperament.

A bullmastiff’s size and bullmastiff personality are characteristic of its descent. Like the mastiff, a bullmastiff is extremely agile, powerful, and courageous. With that, the bullmastiff also has all the traits of the bulldog. This dog is a loving dog, and is extremely attached to its family. They do get along with other dogs, but it is not uncommon to find a male bullmastiff that does not get along with other males. If the dog is trained well, it can get along with children. However, since they are somewhat large, there is always the danger of the dog accidentally knocking down a child.

The history of the bullmastiff has been such that it has become an extremely independent dog. It enjoys making its own decisions, however given the proper training; it can be a very obedient dog. Therefore, it is necessary to start training a bullmastiff, right from when it is a puppy. Since these dogs were never meant for hunting, it is important that they do not show signs of aggression.

Normally, most bullmastiffs do not show any aggression; however, in certain circumstances, they may. Keep a keen eye for such signs of aggression.

Most bullmastiffs, when trained well, become excellent guard dogs. They can pin down a person within minutes of a struggle and can hold them down by the neck without biting. Till date, because of their personality, they are trained to be guard dogs.

  Submitted on June 1, 2010