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American Water Spaniel

American Water Spaniel - Information on Puppies, Breeders, Temperament, Training and Rescue

The American Water Spaniel is a hunting dog that is not widely known outside North America.

With its keen sense of smell, it is an expert in fishing and retrieving on land and water. Most breeders of American Water Spaniel puppies are more than willing to answer questions related to the sale as well as to the temperament of each pup. Some breeders take a personal interest in the welfare of their pups and so they too may have plenty of questions for the buyer.

Physical Appearance

The American Water Spaniel dog stands 15 to 18 inches tall, and weighs 25 to 45lbs.

The body is compact and muscular covered with a tan or brown coat of dense curls, which protects it against cold water and hostile weather. This dog breed is a competent retriever on land as well as in water, and hunts birds, animals, and even fish.


Intelligent, friendly, and fiercely protective of its owner and the family children, the American Water Spaniel is an ideal family dog.

Unfortunately, as they get older, they have a tendency to become a little temperamental and irritable. The American Water Spaniel takes well to dog training, especially if the training has variety. It has been observed that the best training pattern for an American Water Spaniel consists of a variety of commands. Most trainers concentrate on just a few commands at first and once the animal has understood them, they move on to new commands while revising the old ones on a regular basis. This breed, with its good disposition, is ideal for the open country, yet it can adapt to the city as well. This is what makes the dog a worthwhile asset to a family.

American Water Spaniel Rescue

There are many organizations as well as people who are involved in American Water Spaniel rescue. These dogs are kept under foster care until permanent homes are found. In an effort to find homes for their dogs, these groups often post information regarding the individual dogs along with their age and medical details. They also welcome queries from people who are interested in volunteering to help or picking up one of the animals. Whether the dog is wanted for hunting or as a family pet, regular training from the start is a must, otherwise the animal, being very intelligent, can develop a rather stubborn streak. These dogs also require regular grooming to avoid issues with shedding.
  Submitted on September 16, 2011  

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