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Halden Hound

Halden Hound - Information on the Breed, Characteristics and Lifespan of Halden Hound Dog

The Halden Hound gets its name from the southeastern Norwegian town of Halden.

This breed belongs to the hound category and is also called the Haldenstovare or Haldenstover. This dog breed was developed as a result of crossing German, English and Swedish scent dogs. Hounds are generally used by hunters for hunting smaller animals like hares and rabbits. They have a resemblance to the American Foxhound but are smaller in size.


Characteristics of Halden Hound

Haldens have a rectangular built and are strong but not heavy. They weigh anywhere between 40-55 pounds and are 17-22 inches tall. They have a thick smooth coat, droopy ears and a thick long tail. Their skull is dome shaped with a mid sized muzzle and a straight nose bridge.

Their pendulous ears mean that these dogs are prone to ear infections and their ears must be regularly cleaned to avoid this. Their short coat ensures minimum shedding and regular brushing ensures that all the dead hair is removed. They are white in color with black and brown patches on the head and legs. In spite of being a hunting breed, they are generally loving and affectionate and make good pets. Although they take well to children, they should never be left alone with very small children. They are not aggressive but may react negatively if hurt by a child. They are easily trainable and can be taught to socialize.

Lifespan of Halden Hound Dog

Haldens being scent hounds are very energetic and are able to withstand cold weather. They can also run at good speeds for longer periods thus making them good hunting dogs. Their independent nature is exhibited when they hunt. Being an energetic breed, they require the right amount of exercise and also need larger play areas. They tend to become restless and agitated if they remain inactive for a long time. An inactive Halden Hound will definitely develop a destructive tendency and also become very noisy. They are definitely not apartment dogs. Unlike other hounds, Haldens do not hunt in packs but hunt alone with their owners.

They have a lifespan of about 12 years and do not have any known health disorders like heart problems and canine hip dysplasia. However, because of a limited gene pool, breeding has to be done carefully so that no genetic problems are introduced in the breed. Pure breed Halden Hounds should be purchased only from breeders or Halden Hound kennels. Rescued dogs may not be pure breds.

  Submitted on February 3, 2012  

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