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Norwegian elkhound

Adopting norwegian elkhound dog and training norwegian elkhound puppies

The Norwegian Elkhound dog is an ancient Spitz-type medium-sized dog that is the National Dog of Norway.

This sturdy breed can hunt all day long for several days together. The Norwegian Elkhound dog can also herd, defend, and guard with great prowess. And, it performs exceedingly well even in subzero temperatures, mountains, and dense forests. It was originally bred in Norway to hunt moose, and can also hunt wolves and bears.

Other than its courageous nature, it has a strong bond with its owner and is extremely loyal. It is also very affectionate towards the family and friends, though strangers are often ignored. Before adopting a Norwegian Elkhound, the owner needs to verify if it will do fine with other smaller pets because not all dogs of this breed get along with other animals. Also, some of them can be aggressive towards same-sex dogs.

The Norwegian Elkhound has a double coat; the outer one is weatherproof and dirt and water resistant. The thick undercoat keeps them warm in cold temperatures. The coarse coat needs regular brushing. This breed is a seasonal shedder and during such times, the dead hair needs to be brushed off to reveal the new hair. One must also bathe them only when needed as frequent bathing strips off the natural oil from the skin. The Norwegian Elkhound is a clean dog so it doesn't need much maintenance. The dog must not be overfed as it is prone to gaining weight easily. And, like most medium size dogs, it is prone to hip dysplasia, renal ailments, cysts, thyroid problems, and a genetic problem of progressive retinal atrophy. Otherwise, it's quite a healthy breed.

Norwegian Elkhound training can be quite a challenge because, like most arctic dogs, they are independent thinkers. So, the handler needs to be firm and kind at the same . Also, if the dog smells something more interesting when the handler is giving a command, he may have little regard for the owner's instructions and roam away in the direction of the scent. While training Norwegian Elkhound puppies, one needs to be gentle even if firm. And, a part of the training can be hushing the dog up since it can be quite noisy and bark nonstop. Handling a Norwegian Elkhound can be difficult because they often feel hurt if the owner is not attentive towards them or if the dog feels its being neglected. It's very important to give at least an hour of exercise to the dog, failing which it becomes frustrated and destructive.

  Submitted on October 29, 2009  

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