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Berner Laufhund

Berner Laufhund

The Berner Laufhund dog can be described as a medium sized dog that is originally from Switzerland.

In the United States of America, these dogs are known as the Small Bernese Hounds. Being powerful dogs, they were primarily used for hunting purposes, especially for big game. Hence, these dogs were used by the Swiss Alpine hunters, for around 900 years or so.

Today, due to their excellent hunting abilities, the Berner Laufhund dog is regarded as the best hunting dog in the world.

Berner Laufhund Dog Breed, Puppies, Appearance, Nature, and Grooming

Appearance wise, the head of the Berner Laufhund dog appears long and narrow, which is in proportion to the rest of its body. It also has a long and narrow muzzle to match its head and its long ears are set quite low and towards the back of its head.

It has a long neck, as well as a back, which is firm and straight too. Its legs are strong and straight and the hind ones are a bit bent at the longs and stifles. The Berner Laufhund dog has round feet, which are thickly padded. The dog usually carries its medium length tail horizontally. The Berner Laufhund dog moves in a very balanced way and has good reach, which is probably the main reason that this dog is perfect for the purpose of hunting. The dog is tri-colored and can also be found in a rough coat, although that is not very common. Berner Laufhund grooming is no challenge, as the coat of these dogs is quite easy to maintain.

By nature, the Berner Laufhund dog is very energetic and quite free spirited. They are very athletic and therefore require a lot of exercise on a regular basis. If these dogs are not given adequate space and kept busy, they may get anxious, which is not a good thing. They have a powerful bark, but are not very noisy; they only bark when they think it is necessary to do so. When it comes to pleasing their owners, these dogs are very enthusiastic and will go to any extent. Contrary to what many people think, these dogs are quite mild tempered and soft, which is why they make great pets for families with children. In fact, the Berner Laufhund dog is so gentle with children that it is safe for little kids to play with them too. However, in order to make good pets, berner laufhund puppies should receive the right training as early on as possible.

Before keeping a Berner Laufhund dog as a pet, all responsible pet owners should get as much information as possible about the dog breed, by consulting a professional pet breeder, or preferably the vet.
  Submitted on March 8, 2011  

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