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Alano Espanol

Alano Espanol Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Temperament and Information

The fact that dogs come in a huge variety of breeds that all have their distinctive looks, features, characteristics and habits, means that a dog lover can always choose an animal to best suit his or her personality.

Despite the variety of types, all dogs are known to possess a rather deep sense of loyalty and companionship with their owners, most of them even going to some extremes in order to protect their masters in dangerous situations. Because of the fact that most dog breeds are descendants of hunting dogs, their natural instincts will generally see them perform well in a number of fields including security of household or commercial property as well as in national defense terms.

Also known as the Spanish bulldog, the Alano Espanol is a dog that was originally known for being a strong competitor in its historic use in the bullfighting arenas in Spain. The Alano Espanol is a rather large animal that will, on an average, about 28 inches in height and about 42 kilograms in weight.

The Alano Espanol dog breed has a rather short and thick coat, although the fur is never likely to have a velvety touch. The animal comes in a variety of colors – most commonly sable wolf, black and brindle and fawn. As any Alano Espanol breeders will tell you, the animal has a temperament that will see it get on rather well with other dogs – primarily because of their history when it came to hunting in packs. However, when it comes to keeping an Alano Espanol as a pet, they must be allowed to mingle amongst other pets and people on a regular basis while still you in order to mold their personalities into being sociable.

When looking to keep an Alano Espanol dog as a pet, it is important to read up as much Alano Espanol information as you can because of the fact that it will keep you better prepared and informed on how to treat the animal. Moreover, because of the fact that the animal falls into the category of the mastiff breed, it is important to make sure that the owner and master has a strong personality. In the event that the dog senses that the personality of the owner is not as strong as its own, it will assume leadership and getting one of these beasts to listen to you when it has built that image up in its head can be much harder that you can imagine.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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