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Calm dog breed

Calm Dog Breeds

Dogs have been a source of companionship and support to their human counterparts since centuries by being either pets, or a helping hand in hunting, as watch dogs, guard dogs and herd dogs, among others.

They warn us of any unwanted intruders and also guard us from strangers. Each dog is different in terms of their temperament and personality, factors that determine the role they play. How aggressive or calm a dog is, depends upon his training.

Usually families prefer a calm dog. However, the ideal traits in a dog depend upon what you want the dog for. Temperament of the dog and the nature of training provided differ; for example, if you want a dog to guard your house you would train him to alert you to the presence of strangers and possibly to attack any intruders or trespassers.

Silent Dog Breeds

Dogs that have a mild temperament and are gentle in nature as compared to other dogs are classified as calm dog breed. Some of the dogs that fit into this category are –


The Basset Hound is a very gentle breed and they are extremely calm with children. The Mastiff which is a popular calm dog breed is quite large. Although it may seem intimidating because of its size, it is very gentle and calm with kids and can be very protective of them when adults are not around. A calm dog that is very popular for its pleasant disposition is the Labrador retriever which is very friendly and affectionate. These endearing traits are in fact what have made it so popular as a family dog. The Yorkshire terrier is a small breed dog and is extremely playful with children but they are very sensitive hence could react badly to a child teasing them or being rough with them . Another special quality of theirs is that they adapt to their surroundings very easily. They do not require much exercise as well. The Cocker Spaniel is a medium breed dog with medium temperament and high levels of energy. They can be good watch dogs as well and hence need to be introduced properly to strangers in order for them to be friendly. Other dogs that are calm include breeds like Beagles, Bearded Collies, and the Samoyed. The Belgian Sheepdog, Poodle, Saint Bernard are also dog breeds that are popular for their gentle disposition.

Silent dog breeds are very affectionate and loving, and although they may not be boisterous in their demands for attention they should get equal amount of attention, care and love. Regular exercise to keep them healthy is important for some as the more you keep them active the happier they are. The characteristics provided for the calm breed dogs are general and may prove different for individual dogs.

  Submitted on July 19, 2010  

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