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German Sheeppoodle

German Sheeppoodle Dog Breed, Puppies, Grooming and Temperament

The German Sheeppoodle dog is a rare breed that saw its origin in the German sheepdog breed Puli.

These sheepdogs have also landed up in Hungary while herding sheep to and fro. This dog originally had a reputation of being an excellent herder. But today it has become quite rare. This breed is also called Schafpudel. The German Sheeppoodle puppy is nowadays rarely available for sale.

The German Sheeppoodle has unique fur.

It a large fluffy dog with distinguishing fur. The coat is long and resembles that of a poodle, but can also form cords like the Komondor breed. The dog’s fur covers its head and square muzzle. It has floppy ears and eyes, which are also covered in fur. This dog has a bulky body but it seems like a puff ball due to all its fur.

It has muscular legs. The breed’s colors are usually red, white, fawn, black, brown and two-toned appearances. The coat can also be roan or pied. It grows to and height of 2 inches and can weigh up to 65 pounds. It has now become such a rare dog breed that little is known about its temperament. This breed does not seem to have any health concerns except for an occasional skin rash and eye problems. This breed can live up to 8 to 12 years of age.

Dog grooming of this breed is similar to that of the breed Puli. Cords on this dog’s coat tend to get tangled. These cords need to pulled apart. You cannot quite comb through the coat and bathing the dog is a rare grooming activity. Exercise cannot be emphasized enough. While buying German Sheeppoodle puppies you need to make sure the parentage is right. But since it is an almost rare breed there is very little chance of being able to determine parentage.

Finding a real German Sheeppoodle is quite rare. In the event that you do, you have to ensure your dog gets a lot exercise. This breed can also be trained well. The German Sheeppoodle is a generally happy and pliant dog but it is essentially a working dog. It does this breed good if you have a regular job for the dog. A house with a yard will really be good for this dog. As it is a herding dog, it is not a good idea to leave this dogs with the smaller house pets like cats.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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