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German Longhaired Pointer

German Longhaired Pointer Dog Breed, Puppies, Temperament and Information

The German longhaired pointer is a pointing dog that is usually used in hunting expeditions.

This is a medium-sized dog which is athletic in its bearing and elegant in its overall appearance. Although these dogs have a tendency to become bulky, this is considered a serious flaw in terms of conformation to the dog breed standards. Ideally, the German longhaired pointer should be muscular as well as athletic, with its agility preserved. The dog should have moderate bone structure and should look neither weak nor fragile.

The German longhaired pointer is known to be an excitable and often crazy dog, which should be reflected completely in its appearance.

Unfortunately, though the German longhaired pointer temperament is faithful, loving and excitable, the German longhaired pointer puppies may show a little aggression. This character trait should be repressed as soon as it is noticed, as an aggressive puppy is not a good thing to have around the house.Like all other pointers, the German longhaired pointer also has webbed feet, which make it an excellent swimmer. The coat is long and thick and slightly wavy.

A curly coat is considered a serious flaw in the animal. The dog has a double coat, and the undercoat is denser than the top one. The dogs are usually found in solid colors, especially dark chocolate. White is permitted on the chest of the dog.

As house dogs, the German longhaired pointer is gentle and friendly. The German longhaired pointer puppy is typically intelligent and easily trainable. The dogs are also very affectionate and love exercising. If they are set on a job, they show complete faithfulness and determination towards it. They like to exercise and do not enjoy a sedentary life. Since they enjoy a lot of activity, they love playing with little children and are also sociable with other dogs.

The German longhaired pointer dog may experience aggression and anxiety during its younger years. If the dog is taken away from the family at a young age, it may experience separation anxiety, which then leads to aggressive behavior. Otherwise, this dog makes for an excellent family pet and loves being with its family. Since the dog can also be easily trained, it is a pleasure to work with it.

The German longhaired pointer breed needs a lot of exercise and space to play. Therefore, it is not suited for urban life. It is best to have a German longhaired pointer in a rural setting or in the countryside.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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