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Parson russell terrier

Parson Russell Terrier Dog Facts:

Parson Russell terrier dog, also widely known as Parson Jack Russell terrier is a small, rather compact and athletic dog that looks slightly less refined than a fox terrier.

The dogs of this breed are descendants of white bodied fox terriers that were used primarily for hunting during the ages of monarch rule. In most cases the digs are about 50% white with some reddish black, brown or tan markings along their coats. The skull is noticeably flat between the ears and their eyes are shaped like almonds.

These dogs are extremely inquisitive and very playful. They are also very brave dogs and are known to get into confrontations with dogs even as big as five times their size. They tend to be very enthusiastic and with loads of stamina can be very active throughout the course of the day.

It is essential that the owner or trainer keep a close eye on the dog at all times as, because of its inquisitive nature and boundless energy, can get them into a little trouble. The dogs need plenty of exercise throughout the day and keeping them locked up in a dingy apartment could lead to them becoming destructive. While the best homes for them are farm houses, a big bungalow can provide ample room for them to run around and keep busy. The animal will constantly look for affection as well as attention from the owner and, when they do not receive it, can start to get a little boisterous.

Training these dogs is not very hard because they are very intelligent and are rather quick learners as well, but can be a little stubborn at times. This feature requires them to be trained by someone who has extensive experience in training. These canines will live for a period of about 13 to 16 years under normal living conditions. The breed is known to have a few health problems like deafness, ataxia, thyroid problems and a number of ailments affecting the eyes. The amount of grooming required for the animal will depend on whether it possesses a smooth coat or a broken coat. The ones with broken coats will require a brush down every week while the ones with a smooth coat are very low maintenance and needs to be brushed only occasionally.  Like any other dog breed, Parson Russell terrier puppies are smaller and very cute versions of the adult versions.
  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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