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Broholmer Dog Breed, Information, Nature, Temperament and Training

The Broholmer is a Danish dog and is therefore also often called the Danish Broholmer.

This is a large molosser dog breed, resembling a mastiff in its height, strength, and build. The Broholmer is an attentive dog, and for long, it has been used as a guard dog to protect the wealthy.

Though the breed has always been very popular, especially in Europe, the numbers of the breed dwindled during World War II. A lot of the Broholmer dogs were killed during the war.

The number of dead dogs was so large that the dog breed almost became extinct. However, since the dogs were very popular, they soon made a very successful return and came back to their full numbers by the late 1970s.

The Broholmer is a large and muscular dog. It has a characteristic gait, which can at best be described as dominant.

This is one of the many things that make this dog a great guard dog. The dog is also powerful and has a very strong bark. The dog has a very impressive overall bearing, and if it is well trained, the dog can be very well behaved, friendly, and even tempered.

There is a lot of Broholmer information available with the Danish Kennel Club. These dogs are friendly when with their families. They are extremely loyal and fiercely protective. They are watchful and wary of strangers, and though not really violent, they keep attentive to the movements of strangers in and around the house.

The dog requires a fair amount of exercise. A daily walk and some evening exercises are good for the dog. In the field, the Broholmer is agile and has a playful temperament. Playing with the dog can be a really fruitful experience.

Overall, the Broholmer dog breeds are considered to be good natured, watchful, and even friendly. They show a lot of confidence and can be trained very easily. However, they are born to assume the role of a pack leader and consider themselves to be the leader of the clan, which includes the family that the dog lives with. It is important to give the Broholmer proper dog training to ensure that the dog does not begin to believe that it is superior to you. Make sure that you set the rules and teach the dog obedience right from its childhood. Make the decisions and let the dog follow to have an enjoyable and fruitful relationship with this beautiful and majestic dog.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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