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Dog Training

Dog Training

Dog training is an important part of owning and caring for a dog although many people who are dog owners tend to overlook this fact.

Training is not merely for people who want their dogs to perform tricks or participate in competitions. It is an important part of helping your dog to function in human society and also helps build a healthy happy relationship with your dog. This is not something that a dog can figure out on its own.

Leaving it to nature and chance always poses the risk of ending up with a dog that does not behave in a socially acceptable manner or is even dangerous to other dogs and people. A dog that does not know basic rules and commands is also a danger to itself as it may unknowingly wander into a dangerous situation and will not respond to you. Simple rules relating to dog toilet training, chasing, barking, biting, playing and other behaviors must be established or a minor problem can eventually turn into a major one.

How to Train Dog

The best time to begin this process is when the dog is still young. This is why puppy training is so important especially for basic commands and behavior. Dog potty training basic commands and the basic rules of living in a human household can be taught when a puppy is as young as three months old. This is in fact the best time to begin as long as the training is done correctly.

The specifics may vary, but in general most experts today agree that it is best to use what are known as positive dog training techniques. This type of training avoids the use of force punishment and other harsh training methods. The point is not to beat or scare the dog into submission but to communicate to it what behavior is desirable and what behavior is undesirable. It is also essential to understand what the dog is trying to communicate so that the training can proceed smoothly. Another thing that is essential is that the training should be fun both for you and for the dog or else no learning will occur. Patience and consistency are also very important.

If you do not know dog training tricks and techniques it may be advisable to hire a professional dog trainer who will teach you simple dog training tricks. Shows such as The Dog Whisperer are often misleading and have been criticized for using outdated methods and giving the impression that change can happen overnight. However, the fact is that dog obedience training can take months and years and dog behavioral problems are even slower to fix.




  Submitted on May 25, 2010