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Dog exercise

Dog Workout:

While dogs are generally well looked after by their loving owners, it is not uncommon to find a few that seem to be badly out of shape – purely as a result of the lack of exercise.

Most owners that tend to ignore the health of their animal are not aware of the significant it plays on the social as well as mental well being of the animal. Moreover, the aesthetic appearance of a fat pooch can be a source of embarrassment especially when it occurs to an animal of a breed that is known for being sleek.

Moreover, as with any health aspects, a dog with a clean bill of health is always going to live longer than one that is obese and does not get a decent amount of regular exercise. Some of the more common conditions that dogs may develop as a direct result of the lack of exercise include poor muscle tone, obesity, bone disorders and heart ailments.

On a mental level, studies have shown that a physically active dog is known to be more relaxed and calm when indoors while dogs that are chained up throughout the day will tend to develop a ferocious streak. Some people may assume that a dog simply requires a large open space to get its share of exercise. However, if you look closely, dogs will usually spend most of their alone time lazing around in a cool, shaded area. In order to get its share of exercise, it most often requires a human companion to get started and show the same level of enthusiasm as the dog itself.  

While most people believe that ‘playing fetch’ with your pooch is a great way to pass the time, it also helps tech your animal certain rules of obedience. Studies have shown that dogs that retrieve are easer to exercise. It is important to remember, though, that the item being thrown sent far rather than high as making the animal jump too high could result in an awkward fall and a higher chance of broken bones. Just as with human beings, swimming provides an all round exercise program and is a low impact one as well. The cooling effect of the water prevents the animal from overheating, but you must remember to supply the animal with some fresh drinking water just after a swim. Overheating is a major concern when it comes to exercising a dog and you should avoid taking the dog out during the hottest parts of the day.

  Submitted on February 15, 2010