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Guard Dog Training Tips

There are various  methods of dog training and many different objectives, from basic obedience in  training to specialized areas that include law enforcement, search and rescue, military, hunting, assistance to people with disabilities, working with livestock dog sports, entertainment, and protecting property or even people.

Guard dog training is the process of actually training a dog to perform some actions in response to some commands which a dog is then taught to understand. It is a normal term which does not describe what the dog is taught or how the dog is taught.

Many of the domestic dogs, either through their instinct or their breeding, can correctly understand, interpret or respond to the signals given by a human handler. Guard dogs always listen, look and bark to sound an alert that something abnormal is happening in their own territory.

In return for a regular feeding, a periodic veterinary care visit and some grooming, they are taught to bark loudly if a strange vehicle enters the driveway, or chase rabbits from the garden and any other useful tasks.

How to Train Guard Dogs

Training guard dogs involves a variation of the clicker training method. When the dog carries out the correct action or request then a small sound like a clicking sound is made which helps in alerting the dog that it has performed or done the right action. Then the trainer will proceed to give the dog a treat as a reward. In this way the dog learns to associate the sound of the clicking device with a correct action it is performing. Once the correct link has been made the owner or the trainer can replace slowly the clicker with a verbal command. Some other dog training tips include teaching the dog with the help of an ‘interrupter’. This involves giving a quiet command to the dog when it gets carried away with its backing by shaking a can filled with some loose change or by squirting some water in the dog’s mouth. In time the dog will learn to associate the two together and eventually the guard dog will learn to respond to the quiet command being given. Trained guard dogs can even b aggressive in guarding their own territory or the assigned territory hence adequate precautions should be taken. Since they can be dangerous, some security dogs need special training and owning one is a big responsibility. Some security companies suggest that the owners put up a sign which says ‘beware of dog’ to warn the intruders.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010