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Easy dog training

Easy Dog Training

For easy dog training, start training your dog when he is very young.

Dogs are very receptive to learning new things at a young age and the things the dog learns at this stage will have a deep impact on his future behavior. You can also ensure that he lives the live you have planned for him by teaching and training him important skills at this early stage.

The most simple dog training step is to teach him to sit and come when called. It is important to teach him these simple skills first as this will then help him significantly in learning other things. These commands also help in many different situations.

For example, young dogs tend to be very excitable and may jump up at you excitedly. Telling him to sit will calm him down immediately. Getting the dog to come when commanded is considered to be the most important skill that a dog learns. When walking your dog, you can let him free, knowing that he will come back to you soon when you call him.

Teaching the dog this skill requires very basic techniques, but repetition is very important. The easiest way to teach your dog this command is hold a toy and a treat in each hand. Then slowly start walking away from the dog, making sure that he remains in his place and does not follow you. Holding out the toy, call him in an excited tone. When he comes to you, give him the treat as a reward. Ensure that you consistently use the same word for this command. If you change the phrase, it may confuse the dog and will also frustrate him as he will not know what to do and how to respond to you. Repeat this training everyday so that your dog fully understands the meaning of the command. But remember also to schedule regular breaks throughout the training so that he does not feel bored and stops enjoying the process.

Dog training helps to instill good manners and habits in the dog at an early age. Remember to always praise the dog when he performs well. Punishing or hitting the dog could make your dog afraid and will not help in learning. Commands should be repeated consistently, while correcting and guiding the dog until he learns each skill you teach him. Even though this process requires constant supervision and patience, it will help to develop a close and happy relationship between you and your dog.

  Submitted on June 1, 2010